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  • SE laser engraving machine

    SE laser engraving machine

    This product adopts the developed digital control software, CO2 glass cavity type sealing laser, uninterrupted circulating cold water system, and original imported linear guide configuration and high speed stepper motor, the structure adopts the integrated steel frame structure to ensure the equipment work High precision and high stability.

  • split laser engraving machine SC type

    split laser engraving machine SC type

    It has high performance. the engraving surface is smooth and materials have no morph . this significantly reduces the difficulty of post-processing. The high resolution of the machine make the details carving possible. This machine coming with Rotary system and up-down system can carving three-dimensional objects perfectly. Our SC split laser engraving machine can memorize the starting position and go back to the zero point precisely. Water pump, exhaust fan and aluminum alloy worktable are installed to give outstanding working performance.

  • SG type

    SG type

    Feature: 1.one or double laser head 2.honeycomb table in laser engraving machine has strong adsorption capacity. 3.install Art Cut, CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD and many other software

  • high performance laser engraving cutting machine AF type

    high performance laser engraving cutting machine AF type


  • Auto-feeding Laser Flatbed

    Auto-feeding Laser Flatbed

    Features: - Auto-feeding system for continuous and automatic cutting process - Vacuum exhaust absorption worktable -Faster speed, smooth cutting and small joint -Totally enclosed lightway, powerful security -Imported linear guideway, higher precision

  • Laser Flat bed

    Laser Flat bed

    Features: -Opened worktable, widely cutting...