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  • Inkjet  Plotter

    Inkjet Plotter

    - Plotting head uses popular HP technology, easy for maintenance. - Advanced design theory, scientifically, practically and precise manufactured, with high stability and operant. - Automatic and manual ink carriage clearing. - Occupied small place in the pattern room. - High speed, long time working, without any compromise on the quality and the reliability. - Supports DMPL and HPGL language, fully supports for various CAD software.

  • Vertical Inkjet Cutting Plotter

    Vertical Inkjet Cutting Plotter


  • Flatbed Cutter

    Flatbed Cutter

    1) Imported synchronous belt as conveyor belt. 2) Working speed equals imported machines, over 2 times faster than domestic machines...

  • Apparel Cutting Plotter

    Apparel Cutting Plotter

    1) The first company to develop the Apparel Cutting Plotter (also called the CAD cutting/plotting machine ),and preserve the intellectual property and also the patent technology...

  • CAD Plotter

    CAD Plotter

    1) Steady configuration, aeronautic aluminum alloys comprehensive structure 2) Human factors engineering operation panel, human-friendly paper-cutting devices 3) Subdivision technology plus digital smoothing processing technology, professional hardware circuit design