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  • Digtal Cutter/OsciallTing Knife Cutting Machine

    Technical parameters / model Ods1511 Ods2516 Ods3020
    Multi-function cutting head can replace the vibration knife, half knife, the whole knife, oblique knife, pressure wheel and other tools
    Tool configuration a variety of cutting tools, pressure wheel, pen, cross positioning laser
    Safe configuration high sensitivity infrared sensor (optional)
    Moving up to 1200mm / s
    Cutting speed up to 800mm / s (according to different cutting material set)
  • Digtal Cutter/Osciall Ting Knife Cutting Machine is a high-speed, high-accuracy, high-quality industrial digital control cutting machine developed by JINAN KING RABBIT TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.  The development of Oscillatingknife cutting machine adheres to the development theory of learning,absorption, creation and improvement of JINAN KING RABBIT. After several years of hardstudy and learning from advanced oscillating cutting technology of foreign advanced plants, we create and invent several patents, and on the basis of which, we developed oscillating cutting machine.This machine is equipped with Oscillating knife, inclined knife, pinch roller, half knife, and pull knife, cross laser, pen and various kinds of tools. We have 1511, 2516, 3020 specifications and products of carton packing,leather furniture, automotive trim, advertisement identification categories. We can also customize cutters of special usage according to customer requirements.

  • Technical parameters/model
    Multi-function cutting head
    Change Oscillating knife, half knife, full knife, inclined knife,
    pinch roller and various kinds of tools
    Tool configuration
    Various kinds of cutting tolls, pinch roller, pen, cross positioning laser
    Security configuration
    High sensitivity infrared ray interaction (selected)
    Movement speed
    1200mm/s  Maximum 1200mm/s
    Cutting speed
    Maximum 800mm/s (set according to different cutting materials)
    Cutting material
    Corrugated paper, PVC expansion sheet, kt sheet, thick foam,
    grey board, paperboard, car sticker, adhesive Sticker, etc.
    Cutting thickness
    Maximum 5-mm (set according to different materials)
    Material fixing method
    High power vacuum absorption and intellectual partition
    Repeated positioning accuracy
    Maximum 0.01mm
    Mechanical Precision
    Maximum 0.02mm
    Drive system
    Steel wire synchronous belt , AC servo motor, linear guideway
    Control system
    digit RISC core cpu + large scale programmable logic array
    Operating mode
    operation platform + data output control software (operation
    platform can be divided into connected and separated parts)
    Display mode
    Chinese and English liquid crystal touch screen
    Data transmission method
    Instruction system
    HPGL compatible format
    Buffer capacity
    Standard 4GB
    Rated power
    Maximum working dimensions
    Rated voltage

  • Can cut Corrugated paper, PVC expansion sheet, kt sheet, thick foam, grey board, paperboard, car sticker, adhesive Sticker, automobile mat, car seat, cover, sun block and car curtain etc.

    and applicable for Carton package cutting, leather and furniture cutting, auto interior cutting and advertising sign cutting.