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  • RC1212 single-head/Multi-head CNC router

    RC1212 single-head/Multi-head CNC router

    RC1212 is King Rabbit production for large-scale batch engraving ,this model can add the second spindle which greatly improved the working efficiency . Easy to operate ,widely use in handicrafts processing and advertising industry Single-head CNC router cannot solve it ! Multi-head CNC router is a good choice.Multi-head CNC router will help you make quick work of furniture, wood, windows, doors and instruments with high efficiency. We offer you multi-head CNC router with high precision ball screw to increase positional accuracy. Meanwhile, we can provide OEM service based on the size and material to be cut. We will send a matched router to your factory or workshop.

  • One Economic Type RC1325B CNC Wood Router

    One Economic Type RC1325B CNC Wood Router

    RC1325 cnc router is one economic type cnc router machine ,this machine has 1325A and 1325B two models ,1325A adopted stepper motor driving ,high precision ,fast speed ,stable and reliable performance for long time running .1325B installed more powerful stepper motor and spindle more stable running . Our CNC router is a powerful tool that features special DSP controller .It provides a fast solution for wood board ,plywood ,PVC ,acrylic engraving and cutting ,wood door making ,board type furniture cutting ,and other advertising and decoration industry.

  • CNC 3030

    CNC 3030